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Airtech Ammonia Refrigeration Plants are well designed, manufacturing with minute quality control installed with supervision by our experienced engineers. Our aim is for trouble free operation of plant. Keep peace of mind of our valuables clients by using AIRTECH REFRIGERATION PLANTS.

All the major parts like Oil Separator, Condensors, Ice Bank Tank System & IBT Coil, Receiver Accumulator, Air Cooling Unit are manufactured inhouse.

Our Ammonia Refrigeration Plants have NON CFC AMMONIA GAS low running cost and easy maintenance, are suitable for following uses:-

1. Water Chilling Plant
2. Brine Chilling Plant
3. Cold Storage
4. Deep Freezing Chamber
5. Gas Liquification Plants
6. Ice Plant
7. Freezing Complex

Ammonia Refrigeration plants are normally used for milk chilling, apple, orange, chemical storage, butter deep freezing, Ice freezing, liquification,CO2 liquification freezing complex, Fisheries.

Our Ammonia Refrigeration Plants have different features as below:
LOW OPERATING COST - Scientifically designed cooling system combined with high efficiency condenser, chiller, compressor, expansion valve provide more efficient water cooling with consequent reduction in operating cost.
LOW MAINTENANCE COST - Quality that minimises the maintenance. Motor requires lubrication very oftenly. In case when you require maintenance our nearby service engineers are always eager to attend maintenance problem.

Single source responsibility covering designing, manufacturing, installation and servicing by our experienced engineers, always standing by to attend post installation problems.

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